Imagine there is a technology, which can not only balance your physical body, but also helps you finding out the roots of your own disease or the one of your patients! This technology, this knowledge is already available and as in every section of the Keshe Foundation, the knowledge is free for everyone, you can use it for yourself, you can build the devices for yourself, or the Keshe Foundation manufacturing produces it for you. 

Medical teachings

The Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute (KFSSI) now has a new private weekly teaching available for medical doctors. Medical doctors of any practice and specialty are encouraged to apply. The goal of this private teaching is to add knowledge to the profound knowledge of medical doctors. Scientists of the Keshe Foundation developed different types of plasma therapies and cures, these therapies use the advanced plasma technology taught at the Spaceship Institute. The medical teaching covers teaching the science behind the therapies along with learning the functionality and the operation of the devices, and learning how to adjust the different types of them.

The class is broadcast live over the internet through a secure, private channel, from the KFSSI, every Wednesday, at 2 pm to 5 pm CET. (This is Central European Time which is GMT +1, or 8 am to 11 am Eastern US time. For the time calculation in your country, see The format of the class is in English. You may bring a translator, if you cannot speak English. If you can't participate in the live broadcasts, for what ever reason, you can watch them later at your convenience through the private portal.  The knowledge gained from each patient's case and the type of disease that was processed will be anonymized and only the data and findings cataloged for future reference and research.

Any medical doctor in the world who wants to participate, can do so by sending an email to stating they would like to participate in this medical knowledge sharing workshop. If you need to bring a translator for you or for your patients into the workshop, also state that in your email.  You will be contacted with further instructions and details on the application process.  As precautions, all doctors who apply (including any translators needed) will be required to sign the World Peace Treaty of the Keshe Foundation and go through an extensive vetting process that, in part, will require doctors to provide proof of their education and ability to practice medicine, and pass an extensive security background check before they are allowed into the class.

Find a doctor

If you have a serious health condition, and would like to make yourself available as a volunteer patient to be helped by one of these technologies, the Keshe Foundation has opened up access for the opportunity for you to apply to do so, but first, get your doctor on board so that they can help you, because this increases your chances of being helped by this technology. 

If you want to apply to have your health case considered, send an email to: and explain in detail your condition, symptoms, appropriate health history, any medications you are taking and etc. The more information you provide about your medical situation, the better. Be prepared to back up your case with any existing medical tests, x-rays (if applicable) and records. Your case is then available for the doctors of the medical teachings and can be reviewed and analysed. This way all the participating doctors can see the details of your condition to understand how to best help you.  At this point one of the doctors must decide to take your case. ONLY then will you get an email response directly from the doctor confirming that they took your case. You will then communicate directly with this doctor and workout the details of how you travel to meet them, so they can help you. And if your personal doctor is in the workshop, the better the chance your case will be helped, but only once they are knowledgeable on this new technology.

The Keshe Foundation Health Team is looking forward meeting you!

We are ready to serve the humanity!


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