KF SSI Education in 17 Languages


Study Program Objectives

The primary goal of the Keshe Foundation is bringing Peace to Humanity making humankind ready to join the Universal Community by teaching Keshe plasma science and technology and all universal knowledge in its totality.

How do you feel about this goal? Want to be part of it?
Want to help spreading the knowledge?

Sign World Peace Treaty and learn the universal knowledge about creation, understand your emotions and other fields we are all composed of while living in the soup of fields embracing us. It may bring a new sense to your life. If you were ever asking yourself who are we, what is our actual source and identity, why here and what is the purpose of our lives then you more than wish to join our efforts to learn, utilize and spread the Keshe plasma science and technology around the globe. Who does not want to advance? Who does not want the prosperity and better life?

Find KF (keshefoundation.org), SSI (spaceshipinstitute.org) and KF SSI Education (kfssi.org) on the Internet. Start here at KF SSI Education and APPLY for Public and Private Teachings.

We are ONE PLANET ONE NATION ONE RACE and MULTIPLE LANGUAGES will not stop us achieving peace.

At the moment, we are teaching in 17 different languages around the globe.
Besides Public Teachings few languages deliver also Private Teachings for students with an active status.
Additionally, we deliver 3 special Private Teachings for Agriculture, Health and Children.
and we deliver also 1 special Public Teaching for Gardeners and Growers.
Altogether we have 17+6+3=26 education channels producing teaching recordings.
We are encouraging YOU to spread the knowledge even more and start teaching in your language.
You may get the technical platform from us. Contact us!


Study Program Content

During education process, knowledge seekers of Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute shall gain the basic understanding of Universal plasma principles and topics explained by MT Keshe in his first three published books:

  • "The Universal Order of Creation of Matters”
  • “The Structure of the Light”
  • “The Origin of the Universe”

Besides basic understanding, knowledge gained by Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute technology entails

  • Space motion using MAGRAVS (gravitational and magnetic) systems
  • Production of energy by the use of MAGRAVS systems
  • Production of air and food by the use of MAGRAVS systems
  • Production and the use of materials obtained by the use of MAGRAVS systems
  • Production and the use of health systems by the use of MAGRAVS systems
  • Nanotechnology and ICT (Information Communication Technology) development with understanding of MAGRAVS principles
  • Production of MAGRAVS systems for environmental decontamination
  • Development and production of MAGRAVS systems for applications in agriculture
  • New discoveries and innovations brought by you or KF SSI Innovations Centers around the world

Private and public teachings are recorded and published on the education site available for download and offline viewing as well.

The Requirements for Your Participation in a Study Program

An application process requires from a student:

  • to submit a Student Application Form (APPLY)
  • to send a minimum donation as published (PROGRAM)
  • to cooperate with our Security Team and provide any additional information requested
  • to print, sign and send back a scanned Student Participation Agreement (received during the process or after your application is PASSED by our Security Team)

After everything is done, you will receive two user accounts credentials:

  • one for ZOOM to participate in live private and public teachings
  • one for our education website with teachings recordings

Your student status will be active until the end of the current year (YYYY-12-31).

Once your status expires:

  • ZOOM account will be disabled
  • education website account will remain enabled, but you will see only recordings uploaded until YYYY-12-31

You may decide to prolong your status for another year if you send another minimum donation.

Student Status Renewal

 Your student status may be renewed for another year with every donation over 100€ that you have made to KF.

All donations are non-refundable.

If you want your donation to be linked fast to your student file, then provide your student ID as a reference in your payment order.

Send us a scan of your payment order confirmation altogether with your student ID to education(at)spaceshipinstitute.org

Your student status will be renewed for one year (until the end of the next year) as soon as your donation can be seen in our bank statement and successfully linked to your student file.

You will be notified about student status renewal by email sent to the primary email saved in your student file.

Donation must be sent to the same bank account as before

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